For Current Students (Fall 2024)

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Course Description:

This graduate-level seminar covers the concept of methodological pluralism in human-computer interaction research. We will examine research methods, philosophies of research, and diverse ways of knowing to build foundational concepts and analytical skills for engaging in and understanding interdisciplinary research in computer science. Students will read research papers and methodological theory and engage in critical writing, group discussion, and oral presentations. This is a course designed primarily for PhD students in the Interactive Computing area. It may additionally be appropriate for PhD students in other areas, or advanced master's students seeking to enter graduate research. This course does not assume prior research experience or experience in HCI. Section SMC is for CS on-campus MCS students only. Section SPH is for CS and I-school PhD students. There will be no undergrad overrides for either section.

Learning Objectives:

Students who successfully complete this course should be able to...

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